HPLC Columns
We offer a wide range of HPLC columns containing each of our chromatographic materials in a variety of lengths and diameters to best suite your needs.
TopTips™ and NuTips™
Lab-in-a-Tip is a new concept for sample cleanup, enzyme reactions, affinity chromatography, binding assays & many more applications.
Guard Columns
Protect your column with the appropriate guard cartridge, we offer these in a variety of lengths to match each standard column diameter.
SPE Cartridges
SPE cartridges are available in 10-packs of various styles and sizes containing each of our packing materials.
Bulk Materials

All of our chromatographic packing materials are available by the gram for purchase.

SDS Removal
A guard cartridge of our SDS Removal Material, screwed into your RPC column, will successfully remove the SDS from peptide samples.

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