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PolyCAT A™ is a weak cation-exchange material (WCX) primarily used for protein variants involving deamidation, PEGylation, position of attachment, desialylation, etc., hemoglobin variant analysis, proteins with pI above 6.0, monoclonal antibodies
and histones.

PolyHYDROXYETHYL A™ This neutral, polar material was developed specifically for Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC). It's uses include analysis of polar small molecules for metabolomics or analysis via HILIC-MS/MS of specific small molecules, peptide separations and mapping involving differences in polar groups, multidimensional purification of synthetic and natural peptides or fractionation of really complex digests, HPLC of solutes that aren't soluble in aqueous media (membrane proteins;phospholipids), eliminating detergents, lipids, and salts from a sample, and oligonucleotides with their analogs.

In the absence of organic solvent, PolyHYDROXYETHYL A™ functions in the Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) mode. more...

PolySULFOETHYL A™ is a strong cation-exchange (SCX) material developed specifically for HPLC of peptides, it is a general-purpose alternative to reversed-phase (RPC), fractionating peptides by differences in charge rather than polarity. It used for multidimensional HPLC of peptide mixtures, such as tryptic digests in proteomics analyses (including iTRAQ® and ICAT®* reaction products), isolation of peptides from natural products, QC and purification of synthetic peptides, selective isolation of disulfide-linked peptides, phosphopeptides and C-terminal fragments from tryptic digests, and mapping of peptide digests (tryptic, V8, CNBr, etc.).more...

PolyWAX LP™ is a hydrophilic weak anion-exchange (WAX) material developed by PolyLC for HPLC of enzymes and other proteins. Use for Isocratic separation of amino acids, peptides, and proteins, selective isolation and separation of phosphopeptides, purification of acidic proteins and polypeptides from natural products, analysis and purification of oligonucleotides and their analogs as well as amplified PCR products, in proteomics, predigest fractionation of intact proteins via mixed-bed ion-exchange, and anion-exchange of small, acidic solutes. more...

Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Materials PolyEthyl A™, PolyMethyl A™,and PolyPropyl A™ are materials used to separate proteins on the basis of hydrophobic character, as does RPC. However, HIC uses totally aqueous buffers, retaining tertiary structure and biological activity. Selectivity is generally superior to that of RPC for proteins and polypeptides large enough to have significant secondary or tertiary structure. Use HIC for  multidimensional protein purification, purification of polypeptides, characterization of antibodies, and QC analysis of proteins differing in the polarity of a single residue or modified positional variants. more...

PolyGLYCOPLEX A™ is neutral material that has the unusually high capacity needed to retain complex carbohydrates in the HILIC mode. Columns can frequently be operated with just acetonitrile and water, although charged carbohydrates may require inclusion of some salt such as ammonium acetate. more...





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