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  • An economical solution to SPE for a wide variety of sample sizes. The fine 1-2 µm slit at the bottom of the TopTip permits liquid to pass through (with pressure via centrifuge or syringe), but retains chromatographicmedia in the tip. This eliminates the need for a filter – reducing dead volume, loss of sample and contamination risk. TopTip™Price List

TopTip™ is a trademark of Glygen Corp.


  • Media directly embedded on inner cartridge wall (no matrix) for reduced contamination, no back pressure. Different sizes to accomodate samples of varying volumes/concentrations (e.g., as small as 0.1 µL volume)

NuTip enables purification of low-concentration/volume samples by maximizing surface area in contact with the sample. The chromatographic media is embedded directly in the inner surface of the tip: there are no polymers, glues or matrices. This proprietary design prevents contamination or flow problems common in competitor tips. NuTip™Price List

NuTip™ is a trademark of Glygen Corp.



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