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SDS Removal

SDS is often present in proteins and peptides electroeluted from SDS-PAGE gels. It is also used to solubilize proteins during digestion. Unfortunately, the SDS in the samples can ruin subsequent runs in reversed-phase HPLC (RPC) and mass spectra. A guard cartridge of our SDS Removal Material, screwed into your RPC column, will successfully remove the SDS from peptide samples. With conventional conditions of acetonitrile (ACN) gradients in 0.1% TFA, it will retain the SDS but not the peptides. Accumulated SDS is washed off the cartridge (and out the RPC column) by levels of ACN higher than 70%.

As an alternative approach, or if a sample contains an unusually high level of SDS, one can remove SDS or any other detergent via hydrophilic interactive chromatography (HILIC) with a TopTip® SPE cartridge of PolyHYDROXYETHYL A™


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