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Hemoglobin Variant Analysis

PolyCAT A™ affords the best separations available of hemoglobin variants by cation-exchange. Routine screening can be performed with sample injection every 7'. All major and most minor variants are resolved, including the difficult separation of Hb E from A2. Diagnosis of α-thalassemia is routine, since one can readily measure Hb A2 levels differing by only 1-2% of the total. Hb A1c levels measured with PolyCAT A™ are typically 20% below those determined by other methods. This has been ascribed to the superior ability of PolyCAT A™ to resolve Hb A1c from other variants that would otherwise be integrated with it.

Typically, a 35x4.6-mm column of 5-µm, 1000-Å material (item# 3.54CT0510) has been used for quick screens. A 200x4.6-mm column (item# 204CT0510) was used for confirming runs with samples containing variants. However, our 3-µm , 1500Å material in either a 35x4.6-mm column (item# 3.54CT0315) or 50x4.6-mm column (item: 054CT0315) has proven sufficient for both purposes.  The 100x4.6-mm column of the 3-um material (item# 104CT0315) affords separations that are probably better than is necessary for routine clinical analyses.


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